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Take care! Ransomware is coming!

Rose fully protects business data, safe and secure!

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a new type of PC virus software, which will apply special encryption algorithm to encrypt and damage the data of attacked user.
Once the ransomware file is loaded to local system, it will auto start. The attacked user cannot encrypt or recover his data unless he pays extra “ransom”.

(Affected by ransomware)


Solution advantages

  • Quick and flexible recovery
    Select specified time point to quickly and efficiently recover data.
  • Simple operation
    Recovery wizard provided by Rose facilitates data recovery.
  • Recovery from any time point
    User can recover data from any time point, which can minimize data loss and provide CDP protection. And each I/O record will form an event log.
  • Dual protection
    It combines active data loss prevention and passive data loss prevention,
    and can realize 1+1>2.
  • Flexible failover policy
    For it combines manual and auto failover policy,
    the data protection is more flexible.
  • Quick location
    The disaster drill& replica verification can quickly locate effective data replica.
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