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Cluster disaster recovery

Build disaster recovery solution for cluster data to prevent business interruption or data loss


User need to build local and remote business continuity protection for kernel business system. The local cluster supports failover function. So when disaster happens at the local cluster, it can start the remote disaster recovery system to emergently recover data and business, so as to minimize loss caused by disaster. Meanwhile, Cybersecurity Classified Protection Standards 2.0 provides policy guides for related industries. Cluster disaster recovery is one of the typical disaster recovery solutions. 

Applicable scenarios

The kernel business system needing to build local high availability cluster and remote disaster recovery protection. 


Failover within cluster

In local cluster, it will monitor the status of application resources in real time. If any resource fails, it will try to failover within local cluster first to ensure local business continuity. 

Failover from cluster to cluster

If disaster happens at local production cluster, the disaster recovery cluster can take over related business emergently to quickly recover the data and business, with the disaster recovery index, RTO, in minute level.  

Real-time data disaster recovery

It can capture the data changes at the production server in real time,  and related business data will be replicated through network to the standby server in local cluster and remote disaster recovery server, with RPO≈0. The protected data is highly redundant.

Centralized management

Centralized management for local cluster and remote disaster recovery solution can be realized by GUI. It will show the real-time status of server, application service, disaster recovery data link etc.,  and reduce cost in operation and maintenance.


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