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Data mirroring cluster

Real-time data mirroring, data disaster recovery and application continuity


Along with development of server's hardware and software, server performance, internal storage capacity and network transmission ability has greatly been improved, so server has more powerful ability to deal with mainstream services. In traditional high availability system, data consistency and continuity must be achieved through the shared storage. This invisibly increases the cost.

Based on Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, by using Real-time Data Mirroring Technology, Rose has made this pure-software high availability system with two servers without shared storage. Users can make full use of existing resources, and build active-standby cluster according to his actual hardware environment.

The solution applies HA technology to realize real-time monitoring on the status of resources like applications, servers, and etc. If the application or server fails, related application will be automatically and quickly failed over to the standby server to realize the continuity of application services.

Applicable scenarios

High availability cluster based on data mirroring technology to ensure the continuous running of business system. 

Hardware structure:2 servers


Online data mirroring

It replicates data in real-time while the application is running online, to provide a high level of real-time disaster recovery protection for business data.

All-round monitoring and failover

It kills the single point of failure in HW/SW by monitoring application resources in real time and executing auto failover. Intelligent alarm and failover policy are realized by monitoring the operation status of application services, as well as the CPU/memory usage of OS.

Flexible deployment

It supports building active/standby cluster by heterogeneous servers, no disk array is needed, so the deployment is flexible. It can quickly build a mirroring cluster system on the basis of existing production system. Thus, it promotes the investment utilization and reduces investment cost.

Integrate HW/SW resources

It integrates SW and HW resources, and is compatible with application system, various database software in current industry. It supports various mainstream OS and is compatible with HW servers in different brands. 

Simplified operation and maintenance

The centralized management reduces the maintenance cost for user. It can realize active alarm and timely troubleshooting. Multiple instant alarm modes are supported,such as online log, E-mail, SMS notifications and etc.


A department store

Client introductionA department store is main board listed company in Hong ...

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