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Rose CloudBackup

All-in-one disaster recovery platform providing efficient online recovery for CDP,CDM,data and business


Rose CloudBackup is an all-in-one data backup solution in enterprise level which integrates data backup, data recovery, business recovery and disaster drill.  It can provide centralized and all-round data protection for cloud server, virtual server, and physical server environments, so that user can build an efficient, scalable, and easy to use all-in-one disaster recovery platform. When confronting disasters, it can recover intact data accurately and quickly, and minimize the economic loss for enterprises.


Whole machine data backup

With the business system running online, it can realize the overall data backup protection for OS, application, database and so on. It supports HW scenarios like physical server, virtual server/ hyper-converged server, private cloud/public cloud and so on. Thus, user can easily realize the centralized backup & management for multiple platforms and data. He just needs to check the servers and disks to back up, an overall data protection for kernel data can be easily realized. 

CDP (continuous data protection)

It supports real-time data replication and provides CDP (continuous data protection) in I/O level. When data loss is caused by HW damage, accidental data deletion, virus infection and so on, user can call the CDP data according to his actual conditions. He just needs to select any specific time point to start recovery, then the second-level data recovery could be realized. 

Snapshot protection

Snapshot can be created by hour, day, week, month to ensure data security.

Efficient data recovery

According to actual user fault scenarios, it can provide multiple recovery modes: intelligent flashback, mount point recovery, bare-metal recovery and so on. Besides, it can recover copy data efficiently to original production server or 3-party server. 

CDM(copy data management)

Select the wanted copy data and start drilling virtual server instances in Rose CloudBackup. It can be used in disaster drill, data verification, development test, data sampling and so on, to promote utilization of copy data. The business drill will not affect the production server at all, there is no need to shut down the production server. 

Emergency takeover

When the production sever fails, it can quickly start an emergent VM instance at the disaster recovery management platform to take over the business of original production server. 

Built-in business auto switch module

It supports the active-standby clusters based on shared storage and data mirroring technologies, and can realize the auto switch of business. It not only ensures the business continuity, but also guarantees the kernel data security.

Easy to use

The all-in-one backup platform is a solution based on whole-machine backup, which can greatly simplify the backup architecture, as well as the operation and maintenance management. The UI based on web browser will friendly guide configuration and recovery. The UI in report form will help user better know about the system running status. User can cross platform to execute remote management. This easy-to-use product can ensure the integrate & efficient backup of your system and data. 

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