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Virtual platform cluster

Flexibly adapt to virtualization to ensure data & application safety


The virtualized high availability cluster solution provided by Rose can help to prevent the business interruption caused by errors in HW, storage, network, virtual platform, and VM guest. It supports virtual platforms like VMWare VSphere, MS Hyper-V, KVM and etc.

Applicable scenarios

This is a high available active/standby cluster solution based on virtual environment and it is compatible with all mainstream virtual platforms.


Realize high availability between different virtual platforms

Rose virtual cluster solution provides a high availability cluster composed of different virtual platforms. It can avoid the business interruption caused by the failure of any virtual platform and ensures the continuity of business system.

Integrate HW/SW resources

Rose virtual platform cluster is a high availability cluster solution based on virtual platform. It efficiently integrates SW and HW resources by applying the advantages of virtualization technology, to help user easily realize the business continuity on virtual platform. 

Flexible on-demand deployment

Rose virtual platform cluster solution applies centralized authorization mode, so the authorization will not be influenced by the SW/HW of virtual platform. Besides, it supports migration, add, delete and on-demand extension for virtual servers, which can reduce the investment cost. 

Multiple deployment modes

Rose virtual platform cluster solution supports two modes: Shared and Mirroring. User can flexibly select according to his actual environment demand, which could make full use of existing resources and reduce cost. 

Reduce operation risk and protect application and data

It conducts in-depth monitoring on the CPU/memory usage of virtual server and application service, to realize intelligent alarm and failover policy.  The auto failover of resources can ensure the business continuity. It kills the single instance & single point of data, and solves the HW failure risk of host server. Cluster in mirroring mode provides redundant mirrored data replica to realize the best protection on application data security. 

Centralized management of operation and maintenance

Rose virtual platform cluster solution provides intuitive centralized GUI (graphic user interface), through which user can manage multiple active/standby clusters. Multiple instant alarm modes are supported,such as E-mail, SMS,online log and etc.


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