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FT(fault-tolerant) system

0 data loss and 0 business interruption


With the quick development of enterprise informatization, the continuity of key business system becomes more and more important. How to ensure the best business continuity without influencing the deployment environment and operation mode of existing business system is the point that enterprises should consider. 

Business difficulty and challenge

  • Key business system should not shutdown
    Enterprises have high continuity requirements for key business system. In case of any fault, no interruption is allowed and business continuity must be promised.
  • Existing business system should not be changed
    The deployment and network architecture of existing business system should not be changed. After building the business continuity solution, it should try out to keep the operation habit of existing business system.
  • No data loss in memory
    In case of any fault, the memory data of key applications should not be lost, and “RPO=0” must be promised.
  • Solution

    Rose virtual FT solution is the redundancy for the industry-standard X86 hardware modules. Through in-depth customized virtual platform and self-developed fault-tolerant engine, it can promise the unstopped operation of key business system. 


    Prevent business stop

    Based on the design of redundant hardware module in base layer and the self-developed fault-tolerant engine of Rose, the failed unit will be automatically isolated in case of any fault, which can ensure the 0 business interruption and prevent business stop.

    Replicate memory of business system in real time

    Through the high-speed synchronization channel built between redundant hardware modules, the FT solution based on virtualization technology can simultaneously replicate the memory data in business VMs at upper layer in real time and ensure RPO=0. 

    Stand-alone FT system

    In the FT system, user can operate the business system just like a stand-alone system. User only need to install and deploy a self-owned business system and do related management and maintenance. There’s no need to change the deployment conditions and network architecture of existing business system.

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