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Rose vServer

a one-step solution for the highest-level business continuity needs.


Rose vServer FT integrates two independent physical servers into a single fault-tolerant systems through its own FT technology. Business system is automatically transferred when any HW failure, which realizes zero service interruption.


Comprehensive monitoring and protection from HW and SW

Through the fault-tolerance technology, it can realize the failover after the hardware failure and ensure the continuous operation of the business system. In addition, Rose vServer has a built-in application monitoring module(HA Agent), which can monitor the software logic failures of service systems and operating systems at the software level. In case of such problems, services can be recovered according to established strategy.

Based on virtualization, availability environment can be customized

Based on customized virtualization platform, you can adjust the availability level of each virtual machine to meet the business continuity requitements of different key service systems and maximize hardware resources.

Flexible data protection strategies

Planned or manual snapshots are used to protect virtual machines data to against data loss risks caused by ransomware and misoperations. Snapshot copies can be used for drills, data verification, development testing, and upgrade verification without affecting service running.

Standard X86 platform

The underlying hardware is based on the industry standard X86 platform(Intel, AMD, HYGON. Etc.), with strong versatility. It can support business systems running on X86 operating systems.

Out-of-the-box, there is no need to change the original business system architecture

You can install and deploy the service system at any location through the Web management interface of Rose vServer FT platform, without any modification to the user’s service system.

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