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Whole machine backup

How to deal with potential disasters at production center?


With the population of information construction, people’s awareness of its importance increases accordingly.  When disasters like HW fault, SW fault, hacker attack, human wrong operation, natural disasters happen on the production system, the complete data loss and irrecoverable business system will cause unmeasurable loss for user. Therefore, a good disaster recovery system will become the last line to defend disasters. 

Business difficulty and challenge

  • All-round protection for production environment
    It provides protection on different production environments (physical server, cloud server or virtual server) and is compatible to various OS like Windows, Linux and other localized OS. It will do full data backup for the whole machine, including OS, application and data. So the all-round data protection can be easily realized in this solution.
  • Minimize data loss
    To promise the timeliness of data, this solution supports real-time backup, so there will be no time window while backing up the production data. When disaster happens at the production system, such as attack from ransomware, we need to recover data to any time in second level, so as to minimize the data loss.
  • Expand the values of backup data
    When the disaster system is running normally, we can do reliability test, development test and data sampling for backup data and promote the utilization of backup data. When the production system cannot work properly, related business ban be taken over timely and the recovery time (RTO in minute level) is controllable. Thus the business continuity can be promised.
  • Solution

    An easy-to –use product can ensure the integrated and efficient backup for your system and data. 


    All-round protection

    The backup object supports cloud server, virtual server and physical server. And the backup contents cover OS, application and data. The backup policy supports real-time data backup, continuous data protection, scheduled backup, so user can flexibly select a backup mode according to his actual requirements. 

    Use of Data

    It will get data data from production environment and generate copy data accordingly.   By integrating the virtualization technology,it will start the VM at the all-in-one backup server to quickly take over business or do disaster drill, so as to realize the disaster recovery protection and development verification for application system. Thus, the use value of copy data is further promoted. 

    Efficient recovery

    Diverse recovery modes are supported: intelligent flashback, mount recovery through iscsi technology, bare metal recovery through PE method and so on, so as to realize the quick data recovery and migration. When it recovers to the source volume of source production server, the flashback function can auto start, which promotes the recovery efficiency. 

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