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Shared storage cluster

Highly reliable fault-tolerance structure to ensure business and application continuity


Based on the shared storage technology self-developed by Rose, Rose Cluster High Availability Solution can flexibly realize the high availability between two nodes. User just need to add a standby server to existing single server system to realize the local 2-node high availability solution. Now Rose Cluster High Availability Solution has evolved into the 5th generation by merging new technology, functions, and policies. It is a professional 2-node high availability solution to ensure the 7x24h business continuity for customer.  

Applicable Scenarios

The high availability cluster based on shared disk array to ensure the continuous running of business system.

Hardware structure2 servers and 1 disk array


Compatible with wide range of applications

It's widely compatible with application systems, databases and self-developed software in different industries etc.

Integrate SW and HW resources

It integrates SW and HW resources, and is compatible with different HW servers and disk arrays. Supporting various mainstream OS, it can make full use of existing SW &HW resources and help user to easily build the active/standby cluster solution based on shared storage. 

Auto failover

It kills the single point of failure in HW/SW by monitoring application resources in real time and executing auto failover. This function can ensure the continuous operation of business system. 

Intelligent alarm and intervention

It monitors the CPU and memory resources usage of the OS, as well as the working status of application service, so as to realize intelligent alarm and failover policy. Multiple alarm modes are supported,such as online log, E-mail, SMS, SNMP protocol notifications and etc.

Simplified operation and maintenance

Cluster solution provides friendly and intuitive GUI (graphic user interface), through which user can interactively configure, monitor and manage the cluster system. Besides, user can conduct remote cluster management through network, and the operating status and system condition of cluster nodes can be shown in real time on GUI.


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