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Single-node disaster recovery

Deploy a remote disaster recovery server for the production server to realize 1-1 remote disaster recovery.


If user wants to build a remote disaster recovery solution for his kernel business system, regular disaster recovery architecture is : one disaster recovery server is deployed for one production server(namely,single-node disaster recovery solution).  The disaster recovery server is deployed at remote to realize the 1-1 disaster recovery protection for the production server.

Applicable scenarios

The remote disaster recovery protection on the business system which is running under a single-node environment is required.

If there are more than one production server, then you can build corresponding groups of 1-1 single-node disaster recovery solution. 


Easy deployment

It's quite simple to deploy a remote disaster recovery server for the production server. The centralized management mode facilitates system operation and maintenance.

Real-time data disaster recovery

Data can be replicated in real time, with the RPO≈0.  The on-demand data replication and compressed data transmission makes the best use of remote network bandwidth resources. Encrypted data transmission prevents data disclosure while transmitting. 

Application disaster recovery

It supports application disaster recovery in business level. If disaster happens at the production server, the disaster recovery server can emergently take over related business, with RTO in minute level.

On-demand extension

Disaster recovery policy can be flexibly adjusted according to user demands, so as to reduce the overall investment cost of the disaster recovery solution. 

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