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Public cloud disaster recovery

Realize local-cloud, cloud-local and cloud-cloud disaster recovery by integrating public cloud resources.


User can migrate business to public cloud, then the operation and data  of business system will be entrusted to public cloud provider. How to realize disaster recovery protection for the business and data on public cloud is a great challenge for user. In public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud architecture, the public cloud resources can be fully utilized to realize local-cloud, cloud-local or cloud-cloud disaster recovery.

Applicable scenarios

Supported disaster recovery architectures:

Local-cloud: from local to cloud
Backup data and business on production center to cloud in real time. If disaster happens at production center, the disaster recovery system at cloud can timely recover data or take over related business.


Cloud-local: from cloud to local

After migrating business to cloud, user can back up the business data at cloud in real time to local production center to ensure the efficient business management and data security.

Cloud-cloud: between clouds in different places

Disaster recovery solution can also be built between clouds in different places, which can effectively ensure the security of business system and data.


Make full use of public cloud resources

When building this solution which is widely compatible with various public cloud platforms,  existing public cloud resources can be fully utilized. There’s no need to specially build IT infrastructures for the disaster recovery system, which can greatly reduce the implement difficulty and overall investment.

Real-time data disaster recovery

It supports real-time data replication for the application service running, with RPO≈0. This strenthens disaster recovery capability and minimizes user loss.

On-demand disaster recovery and extension

To reduce investment for disaster recovery, user can select the target data and business to do disaster recovery at his own demand. Besides, user can flexibly adjust disaster recovery policy and extend disaster recovery scale according to his actual demand.

Safe and efficient data transmission

Data will be encrypted when transmitting to remote to avoid data disclosure; compressed data transmission will reduce transmission load of network; scheduled bandwidth limit will effectively control the occupation of network bandwidth resources and make it adapted to the network environment with narrow bandwidth.   


Case of a public cloud platform

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