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Multi-node & 2-storage

Full fault-tolerance structure, High availability system based on dual active storages


Multi-node and 2-storage high availability solution helps user to build a high-security and high-performance cluster platform. The solution is self-developed by Rose. Its function modules collaborate with each other, to realize the full fault tolerance of server, disk array and storage channel and etc. It solves the single point of failure problem of traditional high availability solution, and builds an advanced zero-data-loss cluster disaster recovery solution that provides high availability protection for application.

Applicable scenarios

On the full fault-tolerant architecture, any server hardware failure will not influence the system operation, and storage hardware failure won't affect the data security.

Hardware structure:multiple servers and 2 disk arrays


Full fault-tolerant architecture

Based on the full fault-tolerant architecture, the server, disk array and storage channel can realize full redundancy. So any hardware failure won’t affect the continuous running of system, which could effectively avoid the single point of failure on hardware/software.

Dual-active storage

Under dual-active storage mode, it will write the same data to both storages simultaneously. If Storage A fails, Storage B will seamlessly provide IO access, so as to ensure zero data loss(RPO=0) and business continuity. Storage channel load redundancy can improve system reliability, efficiency and security.

Maximize operation time of business

When the storage faut resumes, it will auto recreate without shutting down servers, which can reduce the manual maintenance cost and difficulty; it will auto recreate RAID volume and only sync effective data and data difference, which greatly optimizes the volume recovery efficiency. The easy-to-use management tool and diverse alarm modes(SNMP, SMS, E-mail) effectively facilitate the future management and maintenance. 

Heterogeneous storage and utilization of old

Dual-active storage solution can also be built by storages in different brands and specifications, which can make full use of existing resources and save the overall investment cost.

Simplify operation and maintenance

Resources like servers, applications, storages can be centrally managed through GUI. In this way, centralize management solution is realized and the operation and maintenance cost is reduced. 


Multi-node and 2-storage solution for regional health information platform

To implement national and provincial health policies, laws and regulatio...

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