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RoseReplicator builds the disaster recovery platform solution to solve Gas Company's urgency

Customer introduction

The customer is gas supplier of a city in east China, and the company is the subject of urban gas infrastructure investment, construction, management and operation for this city’s industry park and it supplies pure gas for over 100,000 families and more than 1000 enterprises.

Project background and demand

The Customer has deployed several business systems in its headquarters, including OA, ERP, data acquisition system SCADA, gas customer management system, etc., which are deployed on multiple servers respectively. Considering that various kinds of emergencies may lead to business interruption and data loss, the Customer plans to deploy a disaster recovery server room 10 kilometers away from the headquarters, to protect the related business system, and to achieve redundant protection for data and application.

Project goal:

Realize remote data and application disaster recovery protection for relevant core system of the enterprise. When the local server room encounters a failure, the disaster recovery server room would quickly take over related services, to let business system runcontinuously and stably.

The solution

The flagship product based on data recovery- RoseReplicator is recommended, for deploying the remote data and application protection solution for enterprise’s core system.

1. Overall architecture description

After communication with the customer, by VMware ESXi virtualization, they plan to create multiple virtual servers via a high performance server in disaster recovery server room, with the virtual servers corresponding to several production servers respectively, and by RoseReplicator, they deploy multiple 1 to1 data+application protection modes to protect different applications. At network level, the customer has realized 100M network bandwidth communication between two sites through operator’s private network, to ensure the stability of data transmission.

2. Implementation process

Take the management system as an example: the virtual server in disaster recovery server room should have the same operating system as original production server, and they should deploy application and the database in the same way.The customer can construct the 1 to 1 data protection mode via RoseReplicator, so the data on production server is copied to disaster recovery server in realtime, to ensure data consistency on two servers. When the active server fails, the standby server would recover business system quickly; When the local server room system breaks down completely, user can map out the service through the public IP of disaster recovery server room, to continue providing service; When the local server restores, user can quickly recover data to the production server by following the recovery wizard, to let it continue providing services.

3. The solution sketch

 Solution effect

Remote data disaster recovery for core data

Failoverof core application system

Diverse data deletion modes to avoid mis-deletion

Flexible network bandwidth limit policy

Remote centralized management

 Solution summary

The disaster recovery solution built through virtualization platform saves a lot of hardware investment, and meets customer's demand of remote data protection.

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