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How long can you tolerate your business interruption?

Do protection in advance. Gain an edge of business always on!

What your acceptable time for business interruption?

Rose Datasystems Inc. has been dedicated to “How to ensure business continuity” for 30 years, and is the pioneer in business continuity high availability solutions and exploiter of market. In early years, Rose is engaged in protecting the continuity of kernel businesses on mini computers. With the evolution and maturity of SW/HW and base architecture, Rose can provide overall solution to protect the continuity of kernel business systems on physical server, VM and cloud environment, which are based on architectures like x86, ARM etc.

The fact tells us that when the mobile payment function of smart phone is stopped by manufacture, those peoples who is used to mobile payment must change to cash payment, which will hold up their daily life and travel plan, and further break the social orders. Surely, this is just one of business interruption cases. Through we have stepped into a highly-intelligent information age, the continuous and stable operation of business system still confronts many potential risks: HW fault, logic error, ransomware attack, human error, natural disaster, political/economical/military conflicts etc.

When the business is interrupted, it is obligatory to recover it as soon as possible. This will be affected by which proper business continuity solution is selected when building the solutions in early times. The levels of system high availability(High available, abbreviated as “HA”) is described as X pcs of 9. Generally, three to five pcs of 9 will be used, namely:

  • 99.9%
    represents that the system will have up to 8.76 hours of business interruption in 1-year continuous operation, namely (1-99.9%) *365*24=8.76h.
  • 99.99%
    represents that the system will have up to 52.6 minutes of business interruption in 1-year continuous operation, namely (1-99.99%) *365*24=0.876 hour=52.6 minutes.
  • 99.999%
    represents that the system will have up to 5.26 minutes of business interruption in 1-year continuous operation, namely (1-99.999%) *365*24*60=5.26 minutes.
  • On business continuity solution level and based on the time consumed to recover interrupted business, we can divide it into the following 3 levels:

  • Hour or day level (99.9%)
    When the single-server system fails, the time to recover data and business will be long. In this level, the requirements for business continuity are low. User can realize data backup and recovery by backup solution, it can well support the manual recovery of business system. But under this scenario, when single-server system fails, more and more customer hope to minimize data recovery time and recover the normal operation of business system. Hence, the backup solution supporting failover and online recovery can well satisfy the demands in this level.
  • Minute level (99.99%)
    The business system is required to auto recover and short business interruption is allowed. In this level, the requirements for business continuity is high. When app fails, it can realize the auto application recovery in minute level through high availability or disaster recovery solutions(as required by policy, if it need the disaster recovery server to recover business, it should support scenarios of human intervention ).
  • Approximate to 0 second (99.999%)
    It requires 0 business interruption and 0 data loss. Memory should be synced and conversation should be preserved. In this level, the requirement for business continuity is highest. Fault tolerant system are generally applied to realize memory sync, HW fault isolation, prevention for business stop, and continuous operation of business system.

  • Now what we need to consider is:when our business continuity is influenced, how long business interruption is allowed?

    The answer is mainly determined by the value brought by business system continuity and the awareness & evaluation of loss caused by business interruption. The higher the business continuity value is, the higher requirement for business continuity is required, and vice versa. After learning about levels of business continuity requirements and applicable solutions, it is easy to select the business continuity protection solution according to the characteristics and function of user business system.

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